Folklore Museum & Wine Cellar

Situated in the basement of Kerveli Villa is a small folklore museum, displaying mainly objects from the beginning of the last century which the owner’s family predecessors used in their home, fields, olive groves and vineyards. Farming tools, household utensils together with old pieces of furniture, clothing, antique cameras and miscellaneous objects give an insight on the way of living on the island of Samos throughout the years.

There is a broad selection of Samos wines also on exhibit in the wine cellar as well as the owner’s own biological red and sweet wine which guests are welcome to try. The family vineyards are located in the north west of the island in Agios Dimitrios near Karlovasi.

Cellar Gallery

Folklore Museum & Wine Cellar 1
Folklore Museum & Wine Cellar 2
Folklore Museum & Wine Cellar 4
Folklore Museum & Wine Cellar 3

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